Fauteuil Nashville tissu verdure et tapis en laine tufté main Ancora

Fauteuil Nashville "Greenery"

Reflection on the reinterpretation of traditional French tapestry

Inspiration, échantillon du tissu verdure et détail de l'accoudoir du fauteuil Nashville

Our Nashville chair combines opulent shapes, maximum comfort and luxurious upholstery.

Launched in 2020, it is well on its way to becoming a home classic. In a room, both welcoming and monumental, it attracts all eyes ...

If we particularly like it, it is not only for its design. But also because its print, between jungle and forest, expresses one of the key ideas that has guided our creative work for several seasons: inventing furniture that is both very civilised and wild. To open up our interiors to the outside world. To allow you to "plant" a decor that breathes, and soothes like a long walk in the fresh air. Hence our Etretat tables, as if carved from a block of flint, and our landscape rugs, based on Bruno Moinard's paintings. Or this "statement" armchair, entirely covered (including the base) with a superb tapestry-like jacquard with luxuriant plant motifs.

It is a fabric which is inspired, as often for us, by a very old French tradition: that of the "verdures". In the seventeenth century, this was the name given to tapestries whose design evoked the forests and ponds of the forests of Compiègne or Fontainebleau, theaters of royal hunts. Sometimes ducks were seen flying, or hordes of deer running.

Our contemporary reinterpretation of "verdures" is more intimate and soothing. In thick tapestry-style jersey, brings our desires for nature into the home. Its fabric combines deep greens and luminous ecru, as when a burst of sunlight suddenly pierces the foliage.

At home too, this chair will have the gift of chasing away the clouds. We lovely curl up there in the company of a good book for a session of sylvotherapy or shirin-yoku, the "forest bath" dear to the followers of Japanese well-being. To really settle down and finally breathe, there's nothing like inviting a forest clearing into the living room.


NASHVILLE Armchair "Greenery"

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